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12 Volt Fitouts

What is the most important piece of equipment when you go camping? Absolutely, the beer fridge. Without cold beer how will we survive?

Whether you are fitting out a simple…


Custom Wiring Harnesses

You can have the most amazing engine combination, best engine management and the best driveline in the world. Without a reliable and flexible wiring harness connecting it all, it wont…


Custom ECU Installations

Modern ECU’s (Engine Control Unit) are extremely capable and are sufficient for most mildly modified vehicles with the correct calibration. The issue becomes when we are pushing the envelope a…


Mechanical Upgrades

We provide in-house mechanical and performance upgrades and are able to take your project from metal to magic. Our expert team of trained technicians have deep experience with every facet…


Dyno Tuning

If there was ever a service that defines a business, it would be tuning for Stay Tuned Performance. We provide thoroughly researched and tested, calibration and tuning capabilities for our…


Patrol Y62

Released in 2013, the Y62 platform is a departure away from the old solid axle design of the venerable Y61 or GU that came before…


Falcon XR6 Turbo – Barra

Standard Turbocharger Supporting Modifications – Starts from $1290

The Ford Barra Inline six is a mighty engine used in falcons since 2004. The tuning options…


Navara NP300

We love the D23 or NP300 Navara here at Stay Tuned. An overall very reliable package from factory, the sequential turbochargers provide a good compromise…


Navara D22

The old D22 Navara is still a fantastic workhorse. Sporting the extremely common YD25 motor, performance upgrades are very simple to achieve.

Stage 1 Package…



The Skyline nameplate has been around for longer than we care to remember. Absolutely legendary in motorsport around the world, even getting banned from our…